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Large DEFAULT registry hive, user logon issues

The problem: This one took a fair bit of figuring out at the time, as the symptoms were varied and hard to trace back to the eventual cause. This occurred on an RD farm running Windows Server 2008 R2.

  • Some users may fail to load their profiles on logon with the below error;

Windows cannot load the locally stored profile. Possible causes of this error include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local profile.

DETAIL - Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.

  • The DEFAULT registry hive is growing very large in size (over 1GB)

The registry files can be found under the following folder – C:\Windows\System32\config

  • You may have Samsung printers installed with an older driver version

In my case, the issue eventually turned out to be a couple of Samsung printers the client had installed. Every time a user logged on, it would create registry values under the following location in the default registry hive:


As these were not cleared on logout, they just kept building up over time, to the point that the DEFAULT hive was just too large for Windows to handle. A certain amount of users were able to log on successfully, but once a certain number of users was reached they would not be able to load their profiles.

You can confirm this is the issue by using the dureg utility to check the size of the ‘DevModes2’ key, or alternatively just expand the key in regedit. If it causes regedit to freeze temporarily when you click on the key, chances are it’s the culprit.

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